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Video is just a 5x spd of me farming b6 magic.

I did 126 b6 runs, or 756 energy, or 252 crystals.
Got 90 energy return or 30 crystals.
242k with 5% bonus, or without bonus about 230k
7 crystal drops.
So I ended up with 289 crystals and 240k mana.

From loot we 107 magic lows, 10 fire lows, 8 water lows, 51 magic mids, 6 fire mids, 1 water mid, 5 wind mids and 12 magic highs.
We also got 5 2* rainbowmons, 11 magic dust (2200 mana), 40 unknown scrolls, 1 summoning stone, 2 mystical scrolls, and 3 transmog stones.

Not bad for all being free! SeemsGood

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Music Glitchxcity

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Hope you enjoy the bonus funny footage, we did!

Desembra – Hit ‘Em [NCS Release]
Waysons – Eternal Minds [NCS Release]
Different Heaven – Far Away [NCS Release]

>> Summoners War Generator <<