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War and Magic is the perfect game for people who loved playing Heroes of Might and Magic. It’s a turn-based strategy where you get to fight all kinds of creatures with a team of knights and wizards. Just like HOM&M, War and Magic will put your strategies to the test all the time, as you’ll be facing much stronger enemies on the battlefield. But, if you boost your mages to the maximum level early in the game, there’s almost nothing that could stop you from freeing the world of the undead.

Apart from stepping into battle, you also have to take care of your castle. The game utilizes a standard building mode where you have to improve structures to gain access to improved soldiers, mages, spells, and so on. Of course, other players will try to destroy your castle to make your kingdom weaker, so you’ll have to think before you act. There are so many elements that you have to take care of, it’s easy to leave some door opened.

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