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Emperor is a top MMO RPG action mobile game, inherits previous game’s storyline, and increases the new details. through the mobile game explains the brotherhood and dream. Create your own miracle.
You can annihilate the total enemies in there, PK earns the equipments, cross-area combat, free PVP, experience the real action game’s pith,fight with brothers!

Exquisite world structure
Wonderful storyline
Easy and fast control
Free and smooth combat
A relax MMO network game with a large map made for you.
unlimited, no lag,make friends without distance!
real-time PK, various tactics, occupy the world with your friends!

Story background
There are three clans in the heaven land.
After thousands of years, due to the elves summoned the black magic,the clash burst out.
In the legendary world, the dragons which were protect the world, two became eviled, left six dragons.
The wind warriors held a royal meeting in Aion, combined other races to discuss how to do.
The character used to be a common person, but one day, because a dream about a door that could travel through time…

Brothers, fight with you.
War, intense for you.
Heaven, open for you.
Miracle, create by you.
Thus the character took a adventure, X-Game.

▶Dragon Nest, dark dungeon
The huge dragon phyle’s dungeon, treasures and crisis are in there.
Fight with heaven knight, dark summon master,Hokage and warriors.
Summon the World of Warcraft, JazzPunk to protect his homeland.
In order to test the team’s cooperation.

▶Hegemony of the world,to be the NO.1
Join in the siege war on everyday
Fight with guild members,Cross Fire.
At the end,who leave at shabak will become the lord.
To be the king,enjoy the king’s glory and miracle.

▶Combine three kingdoms,Dungeon Lords
Some spies are arranged in those three kingdoms,
Contact them can gain the news about Clash Royale,
Help the Invincible Asia to take a adventure,

▶Tarot,Breath of fire
Cost the cards can earn different property.
The cards will exert their action among 15 days,
According to the constellatory,choose your character.

▶Three races,legendary three kingdoms
Each race has its own book of space-time,recorded the three kingdoms’war.
Warrior:Infinity Blade,X-GAME,Battlefield Tank.
Magic: miracle maker,summon Archangel,Jade Dynasty.
Swordsman:tame the elves and monsters,Junior Hunter,A Chinese Odyssey.

▶Auto-fighting,Easily upgrade
Simplified the frequent operation,reduce the burden,upgrade to LV80 easily.
No endless tasks,AUTO-finishing the tasks by one key,
help you to save your time, also you can make friends with other players in this game.

▶Pocket clans,Perfect social
In there,you can make friends with cool boys and pretty girls,
cute girls like from the comic,the wonderful anime world,
I will protect the marriage,friendship and The Enchanting Shadow,
share beautiful pictures,shabak cartoon community,
plantation in farm,360 camera records the nice time,
a funny comic novel is waiting for you.

▶Voice chatting,Original novel
chatting with real people,play games with goddesses
players from different places can team up on voice channel,
kungfu games,sword and magic,assassin,skating,dark dungeon,
comics,unlimited novels ,cheats,
more things are waiting for you to experience.

▶Various Login events
Daily login can earn the gifts,and total login can get more equipments,
you can choose golden cudgel,Heavenly Sword or dragon sabre,
login seven days can gain legendary ring,DragonBall,also the final weapon.

▶Get gems
finish daily assassin task can earn grand rewards,
reach different points can gain different gifts,farm seeds,
sky dragonball,three kingdoms’book,demon points,Diablo,Hellfire,etc.

Through the battle,knight can gain lots of rewards.
BrowserQuest,dybee,guruin, Astron, Storm.
The higher ranking you have,the rare pets’rewards you will get.
Rewards are angel sword,miracle cane or wind sword.

>> Summoners War Generator <<