Summoners War Manastone event the best way to farm

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I apologize for the long hiatus. Just had a son and there’s barely any time to upload videos. I’m slowly going to get back in the groove.

I have also been playing around using a new video editor so again I apologize for the amateur production. I have been playing around with Filmora video editor. Definitely has a lot of nice new features especially the ability to play multiple videos at once.

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Welcome to the F2P all encompassing guide for Farming! Using the tips and tricks from this video, and a little work, everyone should be able to quickly evolve five and six star monsters. If you enjoy this video please give it a Like! You can also find a lot more guides and advice at Join us on Facebook and watch out Live Twitch Broadcasts (links at the bottom of the f2p gaming webpage) I hope this video was helpful and Thank You for all the help and support as we continue to learn from each other, and play Summoners War Sky Arena together!

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