Summoners War How to farm Crystals Tips and tricks

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The fastest way to get free crystals in Summoners War, no hack, this is a sure way to get good monsters all f2p.


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How to get Crystals, GamingBantz-style… Read description for the full tip guide in text format! ~music by GamingBantz~

Tip 1: Crystal Golem costs 300 crystals but gets you a daily income of gems like the Crystal Mine. It takes 3-6 months to make back what it’s worth, though.

Tip 2: Go through achievements. Clear each scenario on all difficulties.

Tip 3: For clearing each stage in the dungeons -for the first time- gets you +5 gems!

Tip 4: Every single stage on the game, every arena and every scenario or mission can drop gems when you kill a monster. So, good energy management means more farming.

Tip 5: Always do your daily wishes! Gems are quite a common reward.

Tip 6: Always look at the events page, gems are a very frequent reward for participation!

Tip 7: Always do the daily challenges! If you do them every day in a week, it gets you 10 gems a day which is 70 gems for free!

Tip 8: Defeat your rivals when they are available which adds up very fast with the dailies.

Tip 9: Every week, the arena gives out a reward the higher you are. Just before the reset comes there is a 2 hour period where you can’t lose arena points. This is a good time to raise your rank without being attacked back.

Tip 10: Inviting friends to Summoners War will gain you crystals! 10 invites = 50 crystals, 30 invites = 100 crystals but you can only do 20 invites a day! (Thanks to user Switch2708 for the reminder!)

Tip 11: Every 5th floor of the Trials of Ascension gets you +5 gems to start with and increases as you go higher. Gems is also a boss reward quite high up the Trials. (Thanks to Jay Gz for the reminder!)

Tip 12: Every day you log in, you get a mark and a reward. On the last day of every row but the last will get you some gems!

Tip 13: Android users can collect free gems by installing other Com2US games, find this in the shop where you can buy crystals.

There should be a day once in a while when everything goes wrong I guess.
Com2Us kind of ruined my video (and I messed up myself in a couple of moments) but c’est la vie and I am uploading it anyway.

My first big guide on the game is going to be released anytime soon. It will be dedicated to Energy – the basic but still pretty much precious resource.

I am about to upgrade my equipment so there will be no more graphical lagging due to my shitty tablet. The Nexus 5 phone rocks 1080p gaming and video recording at 100Mbps like a baws! And my new HD cam (gonna be picked up tomorrow) will handle the video recording. Stay tuned!

This video features the Summoners War Sky Arena game by Com2Us.
Download the game at your appstore, it’s free-to-play and worth it.

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