Summoners war Guild Battle Guide & Special surprise

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Hello summoners!
Today we have a Guild battle guide for all of you that still struggle with understanding the basics of Guild battles.
Tips and tricks to make your attacks successful plus some insight on what I ve found out so far.
Also an extra surprise for you! A small part of the com2us stream that gave me a shoutout last week on stream and Im thankful for that.
If you missed anything I’ll put a guide reference
Guild Battles Strategy guide

– When the Guild battle starts try to communicate
with the rest of the team. There might be opponents that are better for other guildmates. Try to get defences that you believe you can win at least a round.If you spot a weak defence report it so the weaker one can attack successfully
– dont be greedy. you get far more points if your guild succeeds in beating opponents.
– top players should hold back for a while and plan their attacks focusing on stronger defences.
– if you realise during a round that your team wont be able to defeat opponent, just quit and your monsters will be able to participate in other attacks if they didnt die.
– if we come up against a weak guild DO NOT USE all swords, before you are sure that all players can farm guild points
– Be careful with light teams and units that can run violent, they’re very strong.Violent procs are very annoying in 3v3
– If you are not confident Arnold, Chloe-Katarina, Perna, Raoq, Ramagos, Tyron, Speedteams with lushen. For fire one shotters bring a tank like Ramagos or chasun
– Before battling take a look on the whole map before making a decision on who to attack.The rank doesnt always tells the truth.
– try to beat the less dangerous guys first so you dont lose any unit
– try to bring a strong healer like chasun, bella or ahman with you in each of your teams. This will increase the survivability of your glass cannons. You can try resers too.
– do not attack red or orange bars because the second round is almost wasted

:”Jailbroken”: Needed

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