Summoner Wars Botit v0.2

>> Summoners War Generator <<

*Farm – User loop normal farming stage
*Boss – User loop Boss stages
*Beast Raid- Botit tower runner
*TOA – not connected yet

*No Refill / Mail Refill / Gem refill

*Max level to let user stop botit if max level is checked
*Max limiter will set amount of max levels allowed on the screen

New installer!!
all Demo images moved to Demo gifs and will open new gui with start button.

support multi mirror and multi Emu
No mouse use
Fully background scanner
Portable / Open source / tiny system use 5MB RAM 0-2% CPU

9 free open randoms with Botitrnd

we are still 100% portable /Install nothing / log nothing / Send nothing / No Root /Run from any usb/ Fully open source from Mirror to Hero

Androind / Mirror

for 1 click free mirror android

Bot-it games and help ON Discord

TUT for installer boot
esc – cancel pic crop
F2 – target bot it
F8 – Kill all bot

Electro-Light – Symbolism NCS Release

>> Summoners War Generator <<