Indo 120x Summon Dan Review Tanya HOH Wind Assassin Summoners War

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Video review HOH Tanya termasuk semua Assassin lengkap dengan rune. Bonus summon 120x untuk hiburan bocil. Semoga bermanfaat

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As requested by some subscribers, I showcase my routine for training fodders which I then use to eventually make my next 6*.

There are 4 phases altogether – Birth, Baby, Teenage, Adult.

This system may or may not be the most efficient, but it is something I have done for quite awhile. At the end of the day, the way you do it depends on your preference. Sometimes I change it up if I have a different objective in

1 – For mana stone farming, I train fodder in Dragon’s Lair B6
2 – For 5* Violent rune farming, I train fodder in Faimon Volcano Hell Mode Boss stage (Need 2 good monsters to train here).

Hope this helped!

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