How to play Summoners War on your PC 2015 + Mobile Games

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I have been seeing a lot of Summoners War players asking how to play on your PC/MAC – for both IOS & Android, I will cover both in this guide. If your device is rooted check the bottom of the description.

Bluestacks is dead.

For Android, download Mobizen (Or log on via Mobizen

Mobizen help guide (

For IOS Download Reflector. (

Reflector help guide (

Both apps work for mirroring your device to your PC but you will need a jail broken device for screen control on reflector.

If your device is rooted, do not give Mobizen root access or you will get the “An unauthorized program has been detected” error. (This is the main fix, as people usually allow root access upon downloading Mobizen)

Possible steps to fix this

1. Clear Cache for all apps (Might not need to do this)
2. Uninstall Summoners War
3. Reinstall summoners War and update (In game patches)
4. Uninstall Mobizen from PC and phone
5. Reinstall Mobizen to PC and phone.
6 Start Mobizen up without root permissions.

Or remove SuperUser access to Mobizen.

Itro & Tobu – Cloud 9 [NCS Release]
Codeko – Crest [NCS Release]
Umpire – Collins Ave. [NCS Release]

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