Beschwörer Kriegskristall und Mana Steingenerator

>> Summoners War Generator <<

Summoners War is made by Com2uS, a Korean app developer. They’ve previously made games like Kung Fu Pets and Divine Girls, but this is by far their biggest–and most popular–game yet.

In Summoners War, you take on the role of a powerful wizard living on a floating island. You must fight for control of Mana Crystals, powerful items that can summon monsters under your control.

There’s a war going on as wizards everywhere struggle for dominance. Will you come out on top? (Sure, with this guide at your command!)

This game is similar to Pokemon except there is no character or gym leader. All you have to do is raise your monster and give me good rune.

Good Monster can be found later in the game through summoning without spending a single penny. This game is awesome because it does not require you to purchase in order to enjoy it contents like order iOS game.

All you need to do is have patience. They did a great job in order to keep the game fun. There is an event every month where they give out crystal or Scroll but it require you to do a specific thing.

>> Summoners War Generator <<